Thursday, July 26, 2012

Finished it

Poke Salad Annie
36 x 36 collage

Well what does the title have to do with the picture...?  good question.  Walking in the woods all the time I run into the  plant well it's called a weed.

Could resist posting a image of the can of Poke salet greens.. kind of funny.

Poke is derived from the Algonquian Indian word "pakon" or "puccoon," referring to a dye plant used for staining. It is sometimes spelled polk and the leaves were reportedly worn by enthusiastic supporters during the campaign of James K. Polk, 11th president of the United States. The generic name Phytolacca is derived from the Greek word phyton (plant) and the French lac (lake--a dark red pigment), referring to the crimson juice of ripe berries. Pokeweed may grow to nine feet tall, with large, alternate leaves and a carrotlike taproot. It may become a very invasive weed in southern California gardens and is difficult to eradicate when it becomes well-established. Greenish-white flowers are produced in long clusters (racemes) that droop due to the weight of ripening fruit. The flattened berries change from green to shiny purplish-black. Ripe berries yield a crimson juice that was used as a substitute for red ink and to enhance the color of pale wines. The coloring of wine with pokeweed berries has been discouraged because they are very poisonous.

Really this piece was a opportunity to see what would happen when I combine two other pieces or compositions.  Plus using a totally different color palette then I'm use to.. I do like the deep berry color. against the faded mint green gray on the bottom.

Well off to prepare another canvas..not sure whats next but really enjoying the larger format. 

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