Monday, July 09, 2012

Creative Prayer Flags workshop Reflection #2

 Carol spreading the gesso to make a texture background.

Nancy having a good time spreading the gesso on the flags...makes them a bit stiffer but that's the fun of it. To experiment and see what your good thoughts and intention will take you.
 Joan and Nancy sharing tips on the sewing machines.

 Caught you Carol..sewing on the buttons..sticking to her colors of black, red and white..with a bit of gray..
 Noreen slowly sewing on a special piece to her flag.

 Sorry picture went on side ways...Noreen is adding the right touches to her flag.

 Sewing on some collage papers, you never know what will work well on these flags..we are just going with it and letting it happens as it calls for. What Freedom!!

Nancy deciding what should go on next.

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