Thursday, July 19, 2012

A bit of a story to share

 You see this man, he's the most interesting man I know. Father's Day, 2012, oldest daughter made a viking hat for him. He's been told that he looks like a viking many times so she went along with it and made the special cap for him.

 Here he is Last Father's Day, or right around then. He has accomplished his dream of building a chopper that he always wanted. I could pretend to ramble off about the bike parts that are so special to this bike but that would be really silly...Because I support him but my brain drops off when he start rambling about and woman things I guess.

Here is his in the Iron Horse magazine for Back Yard Chopper builders. (Sept 2011) So wild how this worked out.  He needed a part for the bike when to the motorcycle shop to pick it up. A guy walks out sees him get off his bike..they chats a bit and then Randy goes into get the part, comes out the guy is still there and asks him if he wants to be in an magazine with his bike...So wild as he just finished building it, his dream bike.

A picture he shared with me from one of his road trips..he love to do the solo thing and explore the back roads, like the old farm roads that are still gravel.  What a beautiful picture.

So why am I sharing this...Sunday he came to the art fair to purchase a coffee cup for me because the artist didn't take debit or charge cards...silly me had now cash I'm so use to using that debit.. So he did and purchased the coffee cup and gave it to me. (its the simple things in life that really matter) And then he said he was going to go to visit his cousin down day but a good day for a ride he thought.   He would come back and help me take down my art fair regalia and pack up and head home.

Well here it is, On the way to his cousin's house about a mile away, the engine blow out. Yes that's right, luckily he wasn't going supper fast or riding hard as he usually does because it could have been worse.  Death of a dream in some ways but the dream came true and hard to see an accomplishment be gone in a spilt second. But it happened. So he's been morning the lost of this...I know in the picture is doesn't show what I'm rambling on about but she's a goner. 

There as been something short of amazing between the two of us, we've always allowed the exploration of individual creativity to be present.  Allow each other the time to grow and it's such a specially gift to get someone. Randy wants to get a bike for the both of us..Oh that would be nice, I grow up around motorcycle and had my days with mini bikes, go carts and snow mobiles...oh to the smell of gasoline and dirt bikes running does something to me, any ways.. I can't see us both doing this, it's his as to say, His thing to be a motorcycle rider and builder.  So I hope he changes his mind and buys a new motor and continues being the most interesting man in my life, who follows his passion and dreams.   Someone just recently shared these words that are so simple and mean so much...and we forget to say them till it too late.  "I Love You"

I know silly but when you've been with someone for so long you hurt right along side of them. 


  1. I loved the story but sorry his bike blew out. I was afraid the news was going to be even worse, that he might have been injured. He can rebuild a bike but not always rebuild a body! You two know how to treat each other right!

  2. Sorry to hear about the bike, give my condolences to Randy. He'll pick up and start a new dream. Hugs to all!

  3. Thank you for sharing. Condolences on Randy's bike. So nice to see that you have found someone who loves you to bits, but lets you be you :) I have found that special someone as well, and coincidentally cars/metal bits are his passion. Hope Randy finds a new engine that brings him lots of pleasure :)

  4. So sorry for the hubby's loss. That must be a hard one when his bike is such a big part of his life and the fact that he built it.
    I think people who have creative outlets are happier people. May you always both find fulfillment in the things you love as well as in your love for each other.

  5. thanks everyone...all day long I've been thinking about him...then he calls and has a watermain to fix so he won't be home till silly but as we get older not elderly but older the bond is growing stronger as it should be. Can I say we are best friends?

  6. This post just brought me to tears....partly because I feel so bad for your "best friends" bike and dream, but also because you are both so lucky to understand what is so important in life- to share and respect each others dreams and be there for each other. Really beautiful.


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