Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sharing the week 9 of Finding Water

My new sculpture purchased at the Hinsdale Fine Art Festival by Girly Steel. I've only got a few minutes this morning before I head over to the fair for day two.. Sales are happening for the Artist and myself so we are feeling good.

Uncovering a Sense of Perspective

Creativity requires that we focus on both the larger and the small, the grand and the particular. Remember, the Grand Canyon was Craved a drop at a time. This week’s essays and tasks concern expansion. You are asked to imagine yourself larger and more surefooted than you may feel yourself to be. You are asked to conscious contact with the Great Artist. It is by feeling yourself connected to a larger Something that God can work through you. You are seeking to forge an artist-to-artist bod with your Creator.
1. Seasons-When we are incubation something creatively, we too flow a cycle of seasons. Each of us is in charge of cultivating our own talent. Make our dreams into concrete reality.

2. Ebb and Flow- So much of a creative life is knowing when to go forward and when to retreat. When to push forward and when to hang back.

3. Companionship-Conscious contact isn’t a feeling; it’s a decision on our part to be in touch. When we cooperate, we feel a sense of right action, and ease. True artists become pawns and the hand that moves them is Art itself.

4. Do a little- As artists, our creative progress is also characterized by stubborn legs. It’ is for this season that we do best to go forward slowly and steadily. There will be days when we are working uphill, tugging at our artist for cooperation. Not all days will be filled with eager forward motion. Our artist is willful.

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