Wednesday, June 13, 2012

scrambling to keep up....

What's so funny this morning is I have two issue of Professional Artist Magazine I've been carrying   around. I've skimmed over them a dog eared a few pages. Thinking I'd get back to them when I treat myself to a lunch date...and that's been two months now and the third issue came in just yesterday.

I said to myself I'm going to read something from it..I started with From the Editor. 
If I may....

Dear Artist,
Technology always evolves. In fact, according to the inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweill, technology is evolving at an exponential pace, making it difficult to predict what the world will be like in a few as 10 to 20 years, As an Artist trying to adapt to the digital marketplace, this realization can be disheartening. How can we ever figure out what new digital tools we need to take advantage of when we aren't full-time marketing or sales people, and dont' have the time to be endlessly experimenting, or changing what we do every few months?  You've finally figured out Facebook, and Pinterest comes along. You've redesigned yourself to thinking that a blog is too difficult tor time-consuming to manage, but new easier to use platforms make them a possibility again.

by Kim Hall.

There is more to this letter but I just took this beginning part and was like Oh I have a Pinterest account finally...scramble to get that going but I have 5 boards and nothing pinned on them...My ability to follow directions is my struggle..I'm a show me kind of gal first and then I get going..or what I really have to do is sit down and read through the instruction...(don't want to do that, by the time I get to the end I've forgotten what I read, been a life time struggle) Anyways I'm plugging at, happy that I got this far..

Anyways the Magazine is well worth the yearly subscription for any artist, beginning, middle or advanced.  I just wished I had time to read it..

So today I head out to Naperville for a look-see of my space I'll be in this Saturday  June 16th for the (sub)Urban Art Walk.  Kind of excited about it and bringing my Flash Back II piece.  I'll have to see how much space I have and if I can set up a display panel or just an easel of the work. Also need to make a flyer for the workshop in August..."Crack" goes the whip and the task master is pushing me to get off I head...

A mess of a studio but working right on through third big piece 36 x 36 is on the table here drying. I'm going to add some gesture writing I did in image transfer in a few spots.  And then do a self critic and see what else is talking loud to be done.

 For my Creative Writing Journal class, I've completed the gluing of the pages and let it dry all night only to see how big and chucking it exciting.
 The name of this book was called Voice and Visions, and I found a picture in National Geo of a Musk those creatures...and I had to put it on the front and back cover..then I had the issue of the one girl with the most spell bound know what I'm talking about..

See those eyes..I decided to use that for the cover..I will probably add some gesso to the the cover and sand down the musk oxen picture and who knows what else will happen..I'll just be listening to it. But I had to use the rubber band..which thankful I have a few big one to wrap around and close it up a bit so it's  not staying in the fanned out position.   The Spine will have some stress on it but it's all part of it's character with these books. Just loving it..and can't wait to put Gesso on the pages next...we will do that in class on Friday.


  1. Oh, how I know what you mean about the magazines, books, and internet things. Funny, I was just going through piles of "read soon" yesterday (trying to organize my artrooms) and finding such things of interest that I thought I would have read by now! oh dear. Love the "eyes" cover on your book!

  2. I managed to sit yesterday for a short amount of time and read some of my professtional artist managazine..was good.


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