Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Purging and Cleaning.

Well just like all the things I do in my life, the obsessive side stand strong and up front.  I started on a much need homestead purging and it feels great to do this..but along with it other life stuff has to be done..so the list is a mile long and I'm checking boxes all day.  In hopes of having it ready for next Tuesday. 

It's really terrible when it's having company over or a big holiday like Thanksgiving that gets the fire burn hot enough for me to do this purging. 

How can I say it time is perfect, I'm excited to be doing this.. it's still spring for a few days right?  Well anyways with the intuitive changes stirring inside of me for some changes along with the other body changes I can said I'm really excited.

I'm going to take a risk and pull off from teaching classes, but keep the door open to still do workshops. This I feel will leave me open for more studio time. It's been about 13 years of steady teaching and exhibiting of my work and I've come to a point and level I've wanted to get to for over ten years and not sure how it will all work out but with past experiences when taking a risk such as this things open up and even more insight comes my way. 

Window on the lower level are done and some major clutter was tackled and now to wash the rough plywood floors and the ceramic quarry tile in the kitchen...Hank tries to help with spreading the water all over out of water bowl everytime he drinks but I've got to do a bit more scrubbing.

With great joy and gratitdue I continue on with the purging and cleaning.


  1. You're doing good! me too, Laura.

  2. interesting to read this - I posted last week on my blog about the reorganizing and purging of my studio so that I can work better! My incentive is the annual art supply tag sale Creative Arts Workshop holds each year. I've got quite a bit to donate. Plus I'm giving stuff away to friends and Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

  3. Hi Susan,

    I headed back up to the studio today to purge some more...over the years I've done quite well at gathering and now I've gathered myself into a corner so feeling the less is more thing stronger then before, I'm grateful a friend is coming in from Austraila and I've got a good reason to purge but it falls right in with some good orderly plans. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the stuff I purge most of it is silly paper stuff..but I have a good stack of books, Might put them up for sale or donate them..In September I have an Out door Studio exhibit, it would be a great time to put them out..but thats a long time away and I would like to purge now...I'm sure you know what that feeling is like..."Be gone with it all"


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