Sunday, June 03, 2012

jumping around a bit...

Yesterday I started off with my normal list of things to do.  Jumping from taking care of the homestead to working on preparing the papermaking hut for making paper today possibly.   By the time the evening came I was pulling out some magazines and working in my sketch book. 
I had a quick drawn design I wanted to try to remake again..

 Here is my sketch in my little collage sketch book.

As you can see the beginning of this is a Horizontal compositional layout..simple...and then from there you can carry on with what every comes.

Might try to make this even bigger..not sure but just practicing my compositions..

1 comment:

  1. I very much like the layout of this~~think it would be a really exciting piece larger.
    Even in raw sketch form, there is a particular energy to it.
    Makes me think of traveling a long idea why.



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