Monday, June 04, 2012

It's all about the Paper~

 Mold and Deck with place mat screening, I use this style for plant fiber like Yucca. The Vat is full of pure Yucca, cooked, beaten and blender pulp. it looks like a slurry of sorts.
 On the left side is the big baking sheet I use and there is a few rolled up cloth place mats underneath to make the hump there so the sheet of paper couches better..but now you see my Felts or material between the sheets of paper. What I do is create a post of freshly couched papers and then squish out the water later.
 See my plastic Owl I rescued out of the Salt Creek river...after a big storm he's been watching over the back yard now for sometime.. After I squish out the water I hang my papers on the clothes line I put inside the papermaking hut/tent.  let it dry  if it's raining out I can close up the sides and let it air dry inside the tent.
 Here is a sheet of the yucca and some abaca added still on the mold with the deckle frame still on till I pull it off before I couch it to the post.
 Letting the water drip out   Love that sound with nature singing in the back ground.
It's hard to tell about there's about 15 sheets of dried Handmade Yucca paper.. you can see the color difference as I added more abaca to the vat..

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