Saturday, June 09, 2012

Hinsdale Fine Art Festival today!!!

Well I'm set up that is the tent and display panels are all set up now to bring the art work..Husband gave me had last night then the phone rang...seems my dad has twisted his back and he Ankle and Shoulder some how...Getting older he's says. but the were to take a road trip to Michigan to celebrate my niece's 8th grade graduation but they will have to pass...the road trip would be to much on my dad...he's already had back surgery when he was younger.  So my Step mom just wanted to let me know what was going on before it hit the family grape vine and Dad would be having some other thing going on...too funny isn't it how families can do that...the stories grows as each person retells it.. He'll be fine in a few weeks.. So while I was listening to my Step mom my husband had the transit all filled up with the art..what a sweetie...

Well best jump in the shower and pack up the lunch and water...lots of water I hear it's going to be a hot an extra tarp with silver side up over the back of my tent for shade..even though your in a white tent there isn't always the best at some point during the day I'll catch some late afternoon shade but the rest to time full sun.. Dressing in comfortable and light..

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