Friday, June 15, 2012

Completed Number 3

 #1 Forward Motion 36 x 36 collage on canvas
 #2 Wide River, 36 x 36 collage on canvas
Journey  36 x 36 collage on canvas.

I changed the name on the last one and I still may do that again..while working on this I personal was thinking about some changes I would like to make and what direction to head it was "floating inspirations or Journey...not sure yet and then a new title will come...but this is odd as I usually get a title for the piece as it's being created...much like a child in the begins to let you know what it wants and is.

Got a very busy day today...class in the morning, creative prayer flags meeting right after and then head to Beverly to drop off work for the MCS show and then home to breath and then head out to a art reception for a few good friends in St Charles at the Norris Gallery. I'm excited to see all their's a wonderful gallery space.

Also a wonderful thing has happen..a Internet friend is here in person in the United States and is staying at a few friends homes down state in IL. how cool is that..hoping to get to see her but she's got a tight schedule and me with my crazy one..but hoping, along with a few others. I would like to have a papermaking party of sorts for her. Uta's blog  well here is her journey this far.


  1. I just love your work Laura, and the way you organise your colours. Superb pieces.

  2. Thanks so much Jo

  3. Stunning pieces. So much movement in each and every one.


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