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Saturday, June 16, 2012

A blessed morning.

Enjoying the morning outside before the batteries go on my laptop. I will be loading up a smaller amount of things for the (sub) Urban Art Walk today...I was informed they don't want the artist to take over the space...so thinking about all that I was going to bring...(mini art booth) decided to keep it simple with one piece that was juried in and a little seat to sit on, some rack cards and that's it. 

The husband and I went to see the exhibit out at Norris Gallery, which by the way is wonderful a great group of artist are out there and artwork has been purchased..as I see some red sold stickers on a few..how wonderful it that.

Then we went to the Country House in Geneva, on Kirk or is it Farsworth Road, any ways I was happy we went..had some Copper River Salmon, was so good. Of Course the Husband had Steak and fries with his salad..so predictable..

Oh we need the rain...hope it rains soon.

Best be going, as I have some homestead things to tend to before 10:30 when I head out to Naperville today..

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