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Monday, May 14, 2012

What a great day it was...

It was an amazing day yesterday,  My second oldest daugther cut the lawn for the first time...My other daughter weeded the front bricks for me and I went for a walk with a dear friend and we were gone for about 2 hours. My son bought me a Blue Hydrangea and my other daughter bought me flowers and a box of Mary Jane Candy...I love that stuff, not good for the teeth or the body but I indulged in it. 
Sounds Crazy but I was in my back yard weeding my brick path and the patio area. We had bus load of Maple seeds drop this year. So I was waiting for the last to fall and then clean them up.  I then went to our local Kmart and picked up  a round patio table cloth and cushion for the four chairs. Set some indoor plants out on the table and it's looking pretty inviting. When I came in my second oldest daughter was cooking dinner. This really was the best mother's day. I didn't expect at thing and I received so much.. Love my family and my home.

I was able to purchase some native plants at the forest perserve sale and I'm hoping to plant them before I have to head out this coming weekend.


  1. Sounds absolutely wonderful! :-)
    I love the days that are filled with small, thoughtful items; they leave the biggest impact.


  2. That the do Anne..

  3. Where's the like button? Beautiful day!

  4. gosh I meant to say that they do...now I'm forgetting the Y's..


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