Tuesday, May 08, 2012

A traveler and visiting song, leading to metaphysics

Ever year for about two weeks around this time and season a pair of Baltimore Orioles comes through. I usually hear them first and then I have stop what ever I'm doing and look for them. Their song is so distinct, and rich.

Yesterday I was graced with their presence from the studio patio door way.  I was working on the tack down Tuesday piece and a class piece when I hear the song.  I was so delighted to see as I turned and look out the door right there on the branch was one, look as brilliant as this one above. Now this is not my photo but one I found on Bing to share.

So I pulled out my book and looked up the animal message-Animal Speaks by Ted Andrews.
what's funny is how I remember there stay in the area is about two week and this messages speaks of the two week too.

The orange and black are the first symbol of summer. a clear cheery song and bright color. Latin word Aureoles which means "Little Golden One"

When a oriole shows up look for sunshine to show up within a two week period. This may occur in any area of your life. Doing prayers and meditations with the oriole  in connection to any project will help ti to work out or move forward wonderfully with in a two week period. Egg hatch 4 to 6 in two weeks.

This has many connections, especially in connection to new sunshine. Look for positive changes or even new sunshine in the area of relationships. It also reflects that the bird is harbinger of positive energy, blessing unions.

The colors of Yellow/orange and black are associated with the natural spirit in traditional metaphysics. The Oriole can open doorways to positive relationships with all members of the natural realm. The nest are made by hanging , suspended from a forked branches.  The suspension reflects its ability to help you suspend time and space and reconnect with the inner sunshine of your soul.

The oriole is a weaver, it's nest are intricately woven, and it reflects an increasing ability to weave your life along new lines-ones that bring greater joy.

Well I'm not at cross road of sorts but change is always upon you and me...that's a fore sure thing. And the underbelly or gut is letting me know this and not that I'm getting prepared, as I said I've known this change was coming and not to be sad about it but to face the reality of it that it's here.

I'm witnessing the change of art students being drawn to the new forms/mediums of art coming out. There isn't much talk about how a instructor feels when they witness the move from their medium to the next one..not that the students are technique junkies..Oh no I see them as artist wanting and needing to fill their personal need to learn the best way to express what the would like through their art.  So with that My personal dream of working more at home and creating more in my studio and exhibit has me excited and also sad of the change...but doors are opening and I need the time to be ready for what is ahead and be it hanging out for a while till another changes happens then there you go.. Accepting where you are and working through whatever your in isn't always easy but it's yours to work through so why not accept it and see what joys you can find..

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