Saturday, May 12, 2012

Reposting, class and process

 Forward Motion
36 x 36 Collage on canvas

Wide River
36 x 36 Collage on canvas

I'm posting these two together...still the mix of papers and what ever is happening around me or I'm carrying around in my little head...I was sharing with my students about the kind of work I do and I would like to call it intuitive collage. Yes I'm heavy on the design principle and so like to break them too. Isn't that what the call it..Learn the rules in Art then break them.  I've made contact with the Art Agent I have and we are setting up a date I think next week and these I believe will be going to the Mart...still need to get the details worked out...Can't believe it...The third own is on the table getting laid out. as of color and composition. 

Still in working out the composition on this and color.. Red is coming in to this piece...I hear it's good to have touch of red but in the clothing department of sales I was just total Red doesn't sell..hmmm not with some people I know..Red is a big deal..

Well in class I shared a part of teaching that is hard for the teacher to share but I felt it was necessary to do that.. The struggles with working out a I stated I work intuitively pulling from an inner resource if you can call it that.  Verse from what is in front of me as reference...not that I can't do that it's just not something I feel called to do... I'm more of an emotional creature trying to figure it all out on a journey called life and I would much rather express that then any thing else.  Well there I go again trailing off.. What I explained my my student is I take hints from their comments about what they would like to learn and from their abilities as of what the seem to be getting or grabbing the concept with verses challenging them as artists.  So I've been hearing about having a theme...don't we have a theme.  So I gave one..."Seasons" the student are to make four piece each season, we knew this before we went into the class so that we could create papers that would represent the theme.. hard to do when your just enjoying the process of making papers.  But some great papers where made.  Now the challenge is to work with practicing the composition over and over till you really know it and can expand on it...Well my works I did for the class were expanded on and I shared with them they were you got me right I said Crap..and I explained myself as only in the process.  I went to the extreme on the ideas and explored areas I'd not done and be it came out of my comfort zone I realized that when I finished these four piece I was not being true myself in the end...As an artist once told we fear to mess it up...she suggest to go to far so that you understand when to stop or when its not working..and exploring a new concept of Theme and what was to be expected I as the teacher went there...well I then made the recognition that I did that and quickly worked a new white sheet of drawing paper over the four pieces..I was not able to handle looking at them after two hours in the studio when they were now I'm working over them and the piece has got some underlined history to them that will add to the whole process.  Don't know if this makes sense or not but here is where some of the students are with their work..

 Sandy has worked on her Composition already and this is Winter. Printed collage papers and the tree she printed also. Sandy wasn't sure with this piece but we all fell in love with it. 
 Carol was able to do the practice watercolor collages and working all four seasons we were in awe..

 And Eve had a long going series that she's been working on with her husband as of using the photo's of her self that he took after being in recovery of breast cancer... there's a deeper meaning with these pieces. 

There are few more student's in class but more details as things evolve.

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  1. Good lord Laura; the student's work is WONDERFUL! Like them all for different reasons, of course, and the series with the photos..yes, yes, yes....
    Your large pieces are super! I would not give much pause to the clothing dept. person who said red doesn't sell.. ;-D
    Red, in the right amount in a work brings life to the piece. I love that sliver coming into the other softer/darker colors. It makes it sing.
    So excited about these; keep us posted on how it goes w/the curator.
    Back to the paints...



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