Sunday, May 13, 2012

It's Mother's Day

Happy Mother' Day to all the Mothers I know and to the ones I've not met yet.
The photograph you see about came from a friend and great mother, April.
Daisy are my favorite flower, so simple,natural, pure and fresh.

I'll be calling my mother soon on the phone as she lives in Arkansas for 30 years. She's a short, lovable rolly polly type and has always been. 4''s where we get our shortness from.
We are sitting around her kitchen table in the afternoon. Tina my sister has baked a cake for my oldest, it was Easter when we visited last a few years ago. And Stevie's Birthday falls right around the same time. And being my mom doesn't get many chances to celebrate a birthday we all had a opportunity to do that with her.
Well time to give her a call..

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