Monday, May 07, 2012

It's Monday- Balance and mom

A little off kilter, 8 x 8 collage (sold)

On to a new week... My mom's birthday is this week on the 11th so I'll be doing a little mom shopping and of course Mother's day too.  So she gets a double whammy on the gifts. 

Back to the balance topic I brought up a few days ago.... I had a friend share with me about regaining your own personal balance that you have to go out of balance first to know what balance is.. Like a pendulum that swings it goes back and forth to create a rhythm hitting both sides of the extension of it's mechanics.  A swaying motion. I had a Native American Elder share the wisdom of the Good Red Road that runs from the South to the North...that we walk it from our youth to our elder years and on that Good Red Road we trail off to the east a bit and to the west.. the swaying and learning.

I don't think we can have perfect balance..and it's not given to us to have it's something that we have to be aware of and work at personally.  I feel our balance steams from a core sense of sanity too. I know I'm aware of it often and know when I'm off balance but sometimes I'm not able to regain it so quickly as being in a situation with others that you might have to tolerate and then when alone you have the time to recenter yourself.

The image of a dog shaking off  even if he's not all me the sense of regaining some core balance. Not that I need to but there are days that I wished I could do just that and shake off all that is extra and adding to a personal imbalance.   Right now the thought of not getting things my way stands out the most..sounds childish at the age of almost 51 that an adult would want things their way.

I think for me it has to do with falling into a personal pattern of doing things or routine and when that gets off it can create a big sense of being out of balance.If one was labeling things might be a OCC disorder,  but in nature creature will take the same path day in day out because it's what the know and easiest. 

 I think there's a personal body balance that one can feel and not feel. This is felt especially on a boat in the water a whole body experience and how sometimes I fight it...fight nature to regain a sense of balance while I'm in a boat.. when as soon as I see I can't, something come over me and I surrender and fall into the movement, I relax and become one with the boat on the water and learn to flow with it..find it's rhythm and even though your moving there comes a sense of belonging to and not disconnected from.

OK wordy one this morning. They say out in the blog land that it's not good to do that if you want to "Gain" blog readers and a good presence on line..Hewie with that.  For me it's helped me write...and gather my thoughts...ramble as I do, really in the big picture is someone going to hold the score card over me and keep me accountable for that kind of stuff? I doubt it..   Working on what helps me keep my balance as a creative person and a full time human being.  Connection is a big trick with I mentioned before the sense of disconnection can make you feel off balance verses when you feel connected and a warm feeling floods you and stables you.

back to my little friend the wood pecker....

Questions to ask yourself.. Are you looking at aspects of your life rationally? Are others around you not discriminating in their activities? Are you? Are you or others in your life just jumping into situations with little or no analysis?

If a wood pecker is showing up it might mean new rhythms. Rhythm is a powerful means of affecting the physical energies. Sometimes it is easy to get so wrapped up in our daily mental and spiritual activities that we neglect the physical. This can be when the woodpecker shows up. It may also reflect a need to drum some new changes and rhythms into your life. The woodpecker flies in a manner and rhythm unique to itself. All of this serves to emphasize the fact that it will become increasingly important for you to follow your own unique rhythms and flight.

Do what works for you in the manner best for you. When woodpecker comes into your life, it indicates that the foundation is there. It is now safe to follow you own rhythms.
 Well from all this I've got some work to do today as of working on my own rhythms and being discriminative with that with a few other daily doable activities that will keep me in balance..not that I will like all of them but I know that like the rocking boat on a choppy lake best go with the rhythm of nature and find my balance then it is to fight against it.. it will all level out and calm comes after the storm, never fails the rhythm of nature.


  1. Good post, despite what the sooth-sayers of blogdom might think.
    I like a post I can sink my mental teeth into, such as this.
    Lately my sense of inner balance has come from the hum-drum repetition of the studio purge. Everyday, one step more.
    Some friends write and ask if I'm making art.
    No, I'm making *the place* to make art.
    And that's a-ok.
    That listing to Port and Starboard, then getting enough ballast to sail straight. I think I'm back in smoother waters now....
    Love the collage!


  2. Not being a sailor or a boat person but a canoe...which is which..port left? starboard right? and how come and the term ballast is that for balance?


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