Thursday, May 17, 2012

Excitement and gratitude

Looking at the pile of stuff I'm bring and only a few more days before I leave the excitement is building.. Darn I say I feel like a little kid and wanting to ask are we there yet?  I know I called my cousin that's going with last night and chat briefly about what to take...mainly my food stuff as we have a little kitchen to work out of and town is not that far away for trips in and out for extras.  My mother mode is slipping in and I think my cousin will be giving me a slap of reality...We are both grown women and we know how to do this...silly but can't help it it sometimes..  

I've got a jumble list of odds and ends to do, funny thing is the husband wants me to send in the fishing boat license before I leave?? Honey I'll be back in a week, I tell him...Then I it had me thinking..he's not used the boat at all for the past two years..well he's a big boy and can go to the currency exchange and take care of that if he has to.. so funny I guess I'm effecting the whole family by my business and getting ready.. Soon it will all pass and I'll be on to the next be job, exhibit or adventure.

I'm feeling much gratitude that I am able to do this and have this experience to do what I love to do and be supported to do it. Blessing to have that and the opportunity to met new people and form new friendships along the way..

Was able to plant my plants yesterday that I picked up at the Mayslake Peabody Plant sale with the Forest preserves and My son bought me a Hydrangea and I wanted to plant that before I left...I know it's not the place to plant it but it's in the ground and I'll figure that out later..

Well best be going..walking in the woods has help greatly as of sorting my game plan out and the many other things coming up. Nature has her way with me always.. good for the mind, body and soul.

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