Monday, May 21, 2012

Dillman's Day 1 of Collage in Concept and Composition

 Day's end and here are some of Jill's papers Come fronts and backs.
 The found and Kraft paper with gesso on them waiting to be have color added when dried.
 One side of the room with papers drying.
 Pam T. applying gesso to the Kraft papers
 Pamela deciding what colors to use next for her papers.
 Morning collage exercise here with Mona... We will be making 4 collage each day in our sketch books.
 Jill working in her sketch book.
 Betti working on her sketch book.
 Betsi making a choice about what she'll use next.
 From the back of the Tom Lynch Studio space...the largest room, window's look out on to the lake.
A look at the room at it's cleanest...because soon it will be full of paper.

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