Saturday, May 26, 2012

Day 5 and last day of Dillman's

 This was the day we worked on many pieces and started new ones. Jill was intently working on her piece.
 Mona starting a new piece too.
 Pamela jumped right into the canvas and created this great piece.
 Betti, has a few going too. So happy for the way the image transfer worked that had her mothers hand in it.
 Pam ready to do the glazing on her piece
 Betsi has a good foundation of papers and ready to do a bit of spot glazing.
 And Pam is about finished with her piece and will be ready to cut the tape off.
Here's the group of us. Betsi, Myself, Pam T, Mona, Betti, and Pam J. behind, Jill in front and Doris on the end. All with a good smile on the our faces. We survived, I didn't work them to death but close to is a workshop and we worked.


  1. Looks like a wonderful place, Laura. What a nice big, well-lit room to work in! Love all the pix, including the poor thing you dragged out of the water! Nice work and nice group of gals! Lovely place to be.

  2. You must be a great tutor Laura... those students have produced amazing stuff.

  3. thank April, and Jo.. We all had a wonderful time.


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