Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day 2 at Dillman's Collage in Concept and Composition

 Ok there's a story behind this little water creature but I won't go into it...Laughed my butt off till tears were coming down my face. This Crayfish was dead and we, Doris and I fished him out because we wanted to see him up close.
 The blue of the front claws and the head area doesn't show up like I had hope.. While I was teaching the workshop she was able to do some nice sketches before the flies and other insects were attracted to the smell his decomposing body...gross or is it natures beauty...I just was in awe over him.
 here's a photo to see what we are up to...making all kinds of Collage papers.. had when people coming in to take a peek and see this laying on the floor or all over the tables. But to collage artist this is heave.
 Here is Betsi and Pam T.'s table for drying and you can see the color swatches I brought..Helps us remember to use a good variety of colors..lights and darks too.
 This is the back area of the studio and main lodge, nice view of the lake. Pamela, Jill, Betsi and Pam T.
 Mona is using different tools to stamp on found papers with polymer medium to create a resist when she brings in color.
 Betti is rolling out acrylics on to a palette and is going to print on some deli papers.
 Pamela is wiping off the extra from a stamp before she moves on.
 This is the room to have..like I said we are in heaven here.. We have oodles of space!
Betsi is getting ready to print some papers with her palette.

Tomorrow will be the last day of making papers and then the collage will start..Two full days of it after that..

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  1. Okay, I am thoroughly impressed that a crawfish made it into this post! (they are one of my favorite little crustaceans....preferably in a pot of spicy boiling water...)
    So cool to see all the work in progress~~what an AMAZING room to teach/work in! Light, space, FUN.
    Glad things are hopping!



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