Thursday, May 03, 2012

completed another piece

Just need a coat of Satin varnish and the second one of the four will be finished.  My plan is to either drop it off today in the afternoon or tomorrow after teaching my class. The circling of ideas for my workshop coming up in the next few weeks has me in a bit of Attention disorder.. I've been ordering supplies and needing to work on some computer layout for a few more pages I would like to put in the packet I make and hand out..

There just doesn't seem like there's enough time in the day or lets say I want more time in my day..filling it to it's fullest.. I remember about 10 years ago..I prayed for this life style and now it's here..Call it "living the dream"  or "working at a what I love to do"  it's work and one has to stay focused..Some might say to focused but my young adults are still living in the home, not complaints about that, there busy being involved in their own lives so I've got a empty nest in funny kind of way and who knows what will be in store for the future as of our parents, my husband and mine as of their needs.  So I've been jumping in full blown at this for some time now keeping the head just above water so that I can stay afloat in the big world of art...just barely though.. OK there I go again rambling off into something else or another world.

So I might get the Third one ready as of coat the canvas surface with polymer and seek inspiration today also and then pack up and get ready for class.

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  1. You know Laura, I remember when I was having my studio added on to the house (after having used a SMALL room for everything, packed so full I had to crawl over or under the table to get to the other side...LOL!) my contractor said, "You're putting up a 24' x 24' studio, but you'll need an 80' x 120' pole barn!"
    I laughed because he was a friend and I thought he was just kidding me--we did that all the time.
    He was right, and I think it applies in other ways too.
    When we are doing what we love, the number of hours in a day could double, and there still would not be enough. We could fill it.
    And though frustrating at times when in a crunch, it is pretty satisfying in the long run, yes?

    Anne....running very late today.....


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