Friday, May 18, 2012

Class assignment Theme is Seasons 4

Sketch book compositional lay out..first one was the composition I was pulling from, just using magazines, scissors and glue stick in my little square sketch book.

 this was my Summer 5 x 7 on watercolor paper, collage papers were all tacked down.
 My Winter collage with papers and tacked down 5 x 7

Spring, 5 x 7 collage on watercolor paper tacked down

Fall 5 x 7 collage on watercolor paper tacked down with heat seal iron. Papers were just pulled from my scrap box as part of the exercise to understand my composition that I choice. By doing it again and again I will either get really board with it or I will understand it to the point of really knowing it.

Here are finished pieces drying on the table, I just gave the side a clear varnish coat to protect and finger oils or other things that might cling to it.

Summer 8 x 10 on gessobord with 2" cradle sides, printed papers and other altered collage papers we created in class with my crow image transfer over gestured acrylic markings.

Spring 8 x 10 Collage on Gessobord,
 printed and altered collage papers with crow image transfers.

Winter 8 x 10 Collage on Gessobord,
with printed and altered collage papers and crow image transfers.

Fall 8 x 10 Collage on Gessobord
 with printed and altered collage papers and crow image transfer.

I found that keeping the composition fair simple allows you to explore it..I admitted to my class the four pieces were heading totally in a different direction they were all done before underneath these collage on the surface.  I had completed them a few weeks earlier but the weren't what I wanted to follow through I cut drawing paper to size and coated with polymer and tack that down over the first collages and then stared with a white substrate again.  The class was about learning the concept of using a sketch book and work through a project and having a theme..which is not a normal class assignment. But when I have students that have been with me for a while I will challenge them to work at it a bit more.  This was a simple design carried out which then can be taken to other works and processes. I feel successful with it.


  1. Really, really NICE Laura. I love what you did with the pieces, and the use of certain elements in a repetitive manner.
    Good ideas for keeping sketches. I am such a slacker at that. Always afraid too much of the idea will enter the sketch and the final piece won't happen.
    Had that issue since high school. Are we all wired to keep sketch books???
    I love them, but find them hard to really work in...


  2. I want to do more but its not in me too it too. But a project a while back pushed me to do sketch to present to a possible client and that start my ball rolling but the Sketch book thing has made it's come back with the help alter books, and the art journaling and I believe our society and what's happening around us more people who might not have done it are doing it and feeling good that they have a place to express..I love looking at it I bring my sketc book to class and people gravitate to it and it's just magazines and raw moments..

  3. Your collages are superb, and so is your sketchbook. You inspire me LAura.

  4. Thank Jo, Right back at you!


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