Friday, May 04, 2012

Break down....

No it's not what you think...I didn't break down...thought there are moments I might looking. It won't happen come from a strong hardy stock of Polish and Bohemian's...The Husband was out getting some parts to fix his chopper...wrong gaskets and the Brake lines broke on the truck...I felt for him..working a full day and finally off of work and then having this happen...but as usually he makes great acquaintances where every he goes.  Tow truck driver a construction worker too for a 40 plus years and now has turned to Tow truck driving the last 4...kind of like a fireman job to be on call.

Off to teach class this morning and I have a free weekend to play catch up on things. Looking forward to that even if its catching up on the bills and homestead cleaning it's always a great ground and fulfilling time...Mundane keeps you sane isn't that what they say?


  1. ACK!
    Sometimes I think vehicle breakdowns are worse than the other kind, and cause more grief (and $$$ too).
    Glad your hubs is safe though. At the end of the day, that's what matters.


  2. agreed...he decided to fix the chopper first and then maybe tomorrow fix the work truck...but we have so many vehicles that some one can share a ride with all the young adults living here. it all works out..


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