Friday, April 27, 2012

Working with a compositiona Layout

Today in class were are going to make small collage from our collage sketchbooks.  As you can see from upper left hand corner sketch, I've taken it and created it again and again..I stuck with a simple compositional layer of horizontal and vertical with color contrast, and size difference.  What we will be doing next is makings small one 4 x 6 sizes and or it could be 6 x 6 and making the collage again..sounds so repetitive but it's a lesson in knowing and trusting too. Then after we move through these four we will be able to use our papers we printed for the last few weeks and bring them to the Gesso Boards our theme is the seasons.. I've not picked an image yet but the lay out with be the same as what is above..but of course some of the papers I've made...right now your seeing these collage sketches with just magazines and glue stick.

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