Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Second Week, Resident Artist at "RB"

Well after some 27  years of living in at this Homestead we finally broke down and bought a new Lawnmower.. the Husband was just tired of fixing the old one again and again...heck he bought the Lawn boy from a church sale that the basement was flooded and it sat in the holy water for some time...as he's puts it.  So used the new bad boy or bad girl on the back lawn yesterday and it works beautifully.. so it's all christened too as I went and ran over a few Landmines I didn't see...evidence on the darn tires...well what does this have to do with my second week at "RB" nothing.. just wanted to start off with that.

I spent the morning working on papers as of all the backs were coated with the polymer but I needed to add color now to the Gesso'd Kraft papers...no biggie for some but these piece were as big as our kitchen table with both leafs in...so I really had a ball adding and subtracting the colors...I also collected image for pull from for inspiration on the 4 big pieces. And at that point after I pulled image out with color texture and composition I feel a lot better...there for a while a big of a blank mind was going on and I had a bit of panic...but not any more..

I've got to pack up here this morning as of load the transit been to cool at night don't want the polymer to freeze or get close to it..not good.. so I'll be doing that this morning.. And then I've got to get my images ready for my art agent and send them to her...There's a connection that wants to see a group of or works for a Hospital deal coming up...so again time to bust a move.


  1. Laughing in sympathy at the *landmine* incidents! When I got my new (not new now!) John Deere, it went faster and turned shorter than the old one and had a few of those little adventures myself....plus hitting myself on tree limbs and getting knocked off the thing...
    Back to art~~I'm trying to get to my table today to do a large piece of paper to cut down into smaller pieces. Heck, I've been trying to get at that for a week, but had to dig out the table.
    You know how it goes.
    Life is never static nor dull!


  2. To funny Anne, had a few incidents like that when I was a kid with the rider...

    Table space..heck what's that about...I've got to so bad clean my studio...and your right static or dull...like it that way but need to do a bit more balancing with it...getting loopsided lately.


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