Monday, April 16, 2012

Productive on Sunday

The month is flying by..everyday there's a small project step that leads to something bigger later on. I was able to finish pulling out of a back small bedroom my artwork and tubs left over from last December when I was in the One of A Kind Show...well I've been using the space to store artwork. The husband wants to get to that back bedroom and start the process of turning it in to a bathroom then opening up the living space by doing this..I'm grateful he wants to start this early...usually he wants to the month before Thanksgiving...bless his heart but I let him know it's not a good time.. Well I'm rambling on any ways that room is empty of my stuff, artwork, display bins and desk and old display panel sheets. 

After hauling up stairs all the stuff from the back room I began the job of straight stitching the white sheets that a art league member donated for the project. Well when moving my stuff up stairs I decided to use a few of the old display panel white sheets to cut up and make more prayer flags with.. As you can see from the photo above the Kraft paper has a mark on and I can line up the sheet that's been stitched up the top for the hanging part and I can just cut up the sheet in 6" by 10" sizes.  I had long strips of sheets that I cut 12" and then I folded over the 2" and zipped it through my little sewing machine...had to change the bobbin two times. That's how many strips I was sewing up.. So I'm happy to say that I've got 82 sets sewed and add that to the 36 that another member sewed we are ready with 118 sets of prayer flag substrates.. Prayer Flags blog...check it out

Early this morning I went up to the studio and gave a second coat of polymer to the surface of the big canvas...I'm giving it a good shot today as of papers have been in the process of being made all the last two weeks between teaching at RB High School and I've got them coated so I'm ready...just need this canvas to dry and then I need to bust a move on this project. Major play time in the studio today.


  1. You were busy! And a good find!

  2. Wow, that'sa lotsa prayer flags! I do plenty of sewing so I have a good idea how much stitching it takes to go through two bobbins worth of thread. You go girl!!


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