Wednesday, April 04, 2012

No Photo's

Day three... We are working making some papers as of the gesso on the kraft paper but in our case we are using brown lunch bags and I brought a paper back dictionary to tear out and use those papers to alter...Today will bring color to the gesso papers and then do some sanding of the magazine pages and add color...and our theme is the Zodiac symbols..or signs...something the students can relate to and use what they would like with the colors, textures and found papers.  Our final project will be a 8 x 8 collage small I know but when you have about a total of only 35-40 minutes with each class you bet that you break it down to manageable and doable process for them..Nothing worse then doing to much and not getting and success from you I've not been able to get pictures because of time and literally not even thinking about it just present and demoing what they need to do..but maybe today..

I would love to go to the Zoo right there by the High School I leave and want to turn Right instead of Left but I've got some stuff I have to prepare for each day for the next day's class so Ive not been able to do that but maybe today I'll steal away and bring my sketch book..and have lunch there or something...sounds like a plan..

Off to take second oldest daughter to the train.. and then shower up and pack up and off for day three. I have to say I'm really enjoying this opportunity..they ask me to talk to the students in the Ceramics class about 3-D so will see what I can fit in.. My expectation of what has to be taught to complete the process of this techniques and teachers ideas are a bit different bu they are working themselves out as we go along.

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