Sunday, April 01, 2012

Indian Prairie Public Libray-Solo show-Laura Lein-Svencner

Today I hang a show at the Indian Prairie Public Library.  Around 12:30 I'll have the Transit loaded up.

Bring all my hanging supplies and I'll see  how well my planning will go.. I've got a few about 20 something piece for the wall and pulled out my assemblage pieces for the cases..and some of my small Altoids tin shrines. I set this show up over a year ago in Celebration of Collage and the 100 years as a fine out this year.

This is one of my assemblages..Oh I long to touch back into this form of art..been a while but I dabble with it in my collage works now but not to this extent.  Creative Lifeline is the the name of this piece...a photo of it was published in an educational bilingual book through Browning and National Geographic a few years back...


  1. You are so busy Laura, and soooo talented.

  2. Yes Jo...seem that I you know an artist has to set thing up ahead of time and one never knows what will come of it...then before you know it your blessed with all the great opportunities working out so you got to bust a move and put on a good show..


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