Thursday, April 05, 2012

Down day or Day off

Day off from outside studio work and moving into the studio..I've been blessed with many opportunities lately but it's time to regroup and recharge the mind body and heading out to the take the dogs to the park so they can be free birds and run a muck with the other dogs and then to the woods for centering and to the studio...short sweet and simple..

I do have to share I was right next to the Brookfield Zoo and I actually went after working with the students and walked around with my lunch and a box of popcorn...I mainly wanted to see the grizzly bears and the bison's, the truly are some awesome creatures and I love to feel the sound when you go under the tunnel in to walking into the Wilderness section...Oh to live back soul longs for that open the best I can do today to really feel it is to go to the prairie close to me...and let my mind and heart wander...time to be A Chanonee..."Wander of the woods." It was a perfect day to go.

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