Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Color yourself

Do you ever get that feeling that you missed out on something or you didn't get to be a part of something because you choose not to take part in it because you just didn't have time to and feel kind of hurt. I think this stems from an issue in the Standing in line and being the last one picked...or a group of gals in click and as you come up to them the shut up... Well it's this funky feeling every once in a great while that comes over me.. and then it passes...but it kind of sucks too.

So now you know where my mind is this morning and needing to get a grip really fast as I've got one more day of teaching and then I come back in on Friday to see how they've done. I've picked a piece of art to give them in this transaction of Resident Artist..

This piece is called Color yourself.  it's my experience at Columbia College orientation day or open house, and I also just saw the Play Rent and it's just filled me with all the great stuff going on with young people and the potential to become the young artist they set out to be...Take of the masks of society and be whom you meant to be...start living a life and Color yourself.

Well time to get moving another day in the classroom and I think they will be bring in a camera guy for the school's TV station they have. I wish I didn't know this...makes me nervous.. but the job must go on and be accomplished so let it be what it is.. and it will all work out just fine.

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