Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blocks, squares and circles...

I saw an idea from another artist down in Georgia and one thing lead to another and I was at the local hardware store buying a piece of cedar... 4 x 4 and 10 ft long...Hoping my son with is woodworking background would help me out when I ask him if he would cut them up for me...the answer was no...funny thing with him lately but I'll not go into the husband to the rescue and he cut them up for me last night.. My idea is to collage and  do assemblage on them.  Need a test run first before I see it will really work...the problem is what if I had 100 of them instead of 32?  How cool is that?
 Here's a repeat photo of a project I started and haven't had a chance to get back journal I would like to personally dabble in this summer... using a whole bunch of found papers, maps, engineer plans, brown food bags etc.

 Repeat photo of my collage sketch... little thing about 3 x 3 in my sketch book.

Here is the piece I in process.. 36 x 36 collage 1 of 4 I'm in the works with... as you can see from the sketch it's the compositional layout I'm interested in carrying out..not so much the colors.

Here is "Forward Motion" I have to get a better photo of this done...I just quickly brought it outside to photograph it so I had something to show...but I will get a professional Scan done and maybe some prints.  This image bothers me as the glare is obstructing the proper view of it.. well my oldest daughter said it's got a steam punk look to it and my husband said it's got a carnival feel to it...I said I've not figured out a name for it and then it came to me...Forward Motion... and that's just what I'm trying to keep going on in my life is forward motion small steps to a bigger goal..

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  1. Oh Laura!

    LOVE how the big piece is turning out!!!
    That totally rocks. Visually delicious!
    Still not sure if my e-mail is behaving; as soon as I posted on FB about it, it seemed to clear up. >:-\
    You go girl!



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