Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Mid-week call it "HUMP Day" and Living the Dream

My days have been full, much to do but I've been handling it quite well, which is surprising. I went in to the city and dropped off my three piece to the J2 Gallery and surprised to see my one piece hanging nicely on the wall..I do love that's fresh, open, welcoming and inviting...the people their are great.  So I feel good about that.. keeping up a relationship with a gallery is important. All that I've read and heard it's important especially these days...I set some things into action or some call it goals or good intentions every year at the beginning of the new year and this was one of them. I wanted to work with my galleries and produce new works for them. It feels so good to do just that.

Then their is the urgency to create class description for the area leagues I teach at..So a bit of a different summer class is sent in at LaGrange.

Making a Creative Writing Journal,  I'll be teaching through the summer at LaGrange Art League, two session both only 4 classes long..I'm waiting to see if it's approved and what dates are open for me...I've picked a night time for class, I'll see. The book you start with is used library or resale hard cover book... Great way to recycle and have a journal with a lot of character and a nice feel in your hands.

Then this morning I submitted to Naperville Art League for the Fall...Building a collage palette and right after that, is Abstract Landscape Collage class,  Should be a great line up for the fall.

It's so hard to do all this work and not now if your going to be teaching a class. Not complaining one bit, but all this behind the scenes work isn't raking in any $ yet...not until I have a full class. It's something that I deal with daily, other jobs the person sitting behind a desk is work on things for the company and she's getting paid for her time job and then the product goes out blah..blah..blah  we all know the story...but when people ask how many hours do you work...Oh my gosh...way to many and I never see a cent...yes it sounds a bit negative but I have to face my reality of it...I like to be my own this comes with the territory and to add,  I'm not solely providing for myself and the family I am supported by my husband and I'm able to do this...If I had to do it on my own... I know I believe would and could.. but I'd have to have people working for me that's for sure.. right now I'm it...the bottle washer and many other roles.  No sob story just the truth in my life.

Well today I have to pull out the Assemblage works and get them ready for the hanging/and displaying  I'll be doing on Sunday at the Darien Library...Indian Prairie Public Library.  I'm excited..some newer works and some vintage works all will be on display.  I've got a art tribe meeting tonight and wondering if I can fit in cutting the lawn too.

Yesterday I did get a good start on my Kraft papers I wanted altered with gesso to make for the pieces due at the end of the month...crazy but loving it more.. the things, opportunities available to do and just getting organized and doing it...Living the dream...


  1. Your organization sure pays off well! So much done in a day. A little ta dah for sure!

  2. I'm sure all your consistent hard work will pay off. I'd be taking that journal class if I was close enough.


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