Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Meeting, book making, and a walk in the woods

I went through the house to pick out at lest 4 bigger piece of my collage work and they all happened to be on canvas. Well, I couldn't stop at 4, I gather some of the works that I had prints of so the woman I would be meeting my art curator would see how well they printed up.  I also grabbed some of my new works that I'm working on now...Packed them up and headed off to meet them

The meeting well so well that they really liked my work and Melissa took one with her, you see she told the Gentlemen at the CAI designs that she would have work for him in a two week slot...we she's wants to flow through on her the took Flash Back.. 36 x 48 collage piece on canvas. 

I told Melissa that I would create 4 new piece 36 x 36, by the end of April.. they want them to be bigger and that was what I had planned to do about two years ago when I started doing a whole series of smaller ones.  They were my sample pieces and my challenge was to go larger so now I'm in a spot that I set up for myself with out realizing's great, I'm excited to do...  So this larger piece is off be presented to the designers at the design warehouse...

When I came home I  thought I was calm about things the hold day but I could tell I was holding some anxiety about it all...I wanted to eat  well I was hungry and had a few natural crackers and some coconut and relaxed in the chair to calm down and reflect a bit...then I decided just sitting was good but I had a new journal to make and I would do that instead of waiting till the end of the day...

The bottom one is almost all morning journaled in, they seem to last me about three months so I've prepared another one for when I finish this one... didn't take to long as I had the signatures all folded in sets of ten pages each and the old book covers were prepared the other day with holes drilled in them so I knew where to line things up. After I finished it up I though, dang I'm feeling good enough to go for a walk in the woods, I've not been there in about a good 4 or 5 off I went.

While I was out walking in the woods I spotted the old one...there was a deer out there that I could till he/she was older and bigger then rest, it almost looked like it was a different breed.. So I come around the bend where he was and he didn't move so I stopped and we looked at each other, he smelling me and trying to see me I think. By the way his one ear was cocked down some and the eye that looked as though there was something wrong with it, not blind yet but could be, I thought how old this fella antlers this year...I thought I heard that from a Deer hunter that as the Bucks age they will decrease there points on the antlers and not carry a big rack...and he's not had a rack all winter, I know this by seeing him through out...The elder of the woods...I thanked him for allowing me to be so close to him and I then continued off.

Oh I forgot tell ya all that I almost got hit on the drivers side of the scary...Van packed and I move slowly with the art in the back and think nice and easy no rushing I've got time...instead of jetting all over the place..As I pull out to turn on the cross road/rt. 83...I hear a crash and look behind to see a Big long White Van coming off the side walk hit a small pole running it over and stopped where I was.... I said OK  God what was that all was a close one..that could have been me there...but I guess I was meant to go met the woman Melissa and show her my work and proceed on ware with this all..

Busy day....exciting and grateful I came home safe from it all..


  1. It seems you are walking the good path, things coming to you as you work hard to make them so. Glad you were in the right place at the right time and didn't get broadsided and also that you got to see old Bambi and have a little peaceful eye to eye with the old fella.

  2. Oh, love your account of your meeting with the elder deer. How special. Those things happen to you. And as I've said, love love love your journals that you make. Glad everything turned out good for the day and that it was a safe one!

  3. Laura appears you are having more & more days full of unexpected encounters & joy. That is good!! I would say energy is flowing well around you ....out of you and too you! When everything is in sync... wonderful things happen. Congratulations!


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