Monday, March 26, 2012

Making an art Journal 101 session 3

20. Here I'm using a scrap piece of paper the length of the book 9" and coming in 1" on both ends because I know I need more stitches in the middle where all the smaller scrap piece of page are. I then take the paper strip and fold it in after so I know where my middle is.
21. I decided where I would like the binding stitches to be and draw a line. I marked my cover boards with pen. The strip of paper will be my guide also for the inside of the signature so I can poke holes and it all lines up.
22. My Flex Shaft drill..or like dremel tool and I drill holes..You can use an Awl or a hand drill make sure the line up and you got you cover set up as of insides to inside and the cover facing like it would if you see the front and back..

23. Here the signature in the wooden cradle pocked in place and guide strip of paper with my marks for the hole are there..I use a small awl and poke through.
24. Preparing to start the Coptic to watch on You tube or get a book kind of hard for me to show you here.. There is such a vast collection of information out there on Video to show you how...really knowledge is at our finger tips.
25. I'm using artificial Sinew but best to use Wax book thread but I ran I said this book came together on a whim.. "had a moment and went at it"
26. Just showing a bit of progress of the signatures going together and I used the paper clips to help me hold in alignment as I've got a good selection of found papers going on here.
27. The book binded and ready for some page preparing. I managed to add the handle back into there from a white paper bag.. don't know what I'll do.
28.  I have deli sheet under the page as so not to muck it up and get it stuck together before it dries. I'm spreading  thin layer of Gesso over the pages as I know there thinner then I want them to be. So starting with the many layers that will go into each journal spread...don't know when I'll get back to this but it's made I want to try another form of long stitching on a different journal but for now I'm happy I jump on this yesterday afternoon... Now off to a book club this morning and feeling good that I started on one of this years goals or good intentions. Many more to work at.. Living the dream yesterday fully as everyone was gone, young adults working and husband out on a motorcycle ride...what could be better then some sound of nature and creating going on with the hands.


  1. Beautiful tutorial Laura!
    I've put a few sketch journals together, but they never looked this nice.
    I guess mine were more *organic*---read that, in a hurry and not knowing what I was doing. ;-)
    Thanks for posting this.


  2. Educational AND inspirational. Thank you for doing this.

  3. I really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing your process. I just started making my own journals and this really helped. Also can't wait to see how you embellish those pages.

  4. Always love your books, Laura. Love seeing your step-by-step. Yes, now to learn the coptic!

  5. Lots of good tips here... thanks Laura

  6. I'm going to bookmark this post so I can come back to your tutorial at some point when I am ready to try this. I know I want to. Thanks for your generous sharing of knowledge.

  7. I'm making a new tab at the top for book making techniques..

    thank all for visiting.

    As for what I'll be doing to the art journal may have to many other things on the list to do..but felt great to just jump in and do it..unplanned and worked out.


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