Monday, March 26, 2012

Making an art journal 101 session 2

11. Here is the Panera bread bag and I torn the handle off, and folded the bottom up and left the extra sides longer then 9" wide...who knows what will happen.. and where the bone folder is place is the middle of the page.
12. Next I added in some left over sheets of Arches Woven Text or is Text dyslexia has the best of me there...never can remember.. any ways I just eyeballed it and scored the tear line and tore.

13. I decided to have 6 signature in the art journal so here they are.  I trimmed off the extra on this paper as you can see it looks a bit longer one side...Thank God for a paper one so long a go at an art sale and so glad I did.
14. I was given a roll of engineer plans a while back and that will also be torn to size.

15. This is the brown paper between the panes of glass I have and I sometimes use it for the backing paper on my smaller art piece but this day it's going into my art journal.

16. Piles of papers and ready to be added to the main signatures.
17. Theres' a pile folded papers..and as you can see the piles of book and piles of Cd's...I'm just a pile junkie that's all.
18. just because I added a spacer in there but I don't think it will matter as the journal is going to be hunky anyways...I want character to be falling out of it. A spacer can be added to the signature to add space in the spine for the addition papers or good stuff one might add. It helps in not adding stress later to the binding but I think it's going to happen any ways.

19. Signature all ready and the materials for assembling the book. You can see the edge of the cradle that will hold the signature while I poke the holes in it so that is can line up as best it can with all these different papers.

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