Monday, March 05, 2012

A little interview this morning

With my own creative journey I've been forging my own path for a while now.  Which has lead me in many different directions I couldn't have predicted or even would have known I would go..and if I did know I probably would have turned around on it.  Well after a weekend with a workshop a few weekends ago and this week of many demonstrations I'm a bit numb...needing a day to just scoot around in a nice little flow but that's not what will be of flow I'll be heading back over to the Addison Center for the Arts this morning and supposedly giving a little talk about our society show and collage...scare..yes, honored to be asked yes. and not sure what I'll say...I've been thinking about and been pushing it out of the days agenda at hand till this not to rob myself of the moment in each day being they were quite busy..

Sometimes it best if I just wing things and pull from the hips on this one...I'm not sure what they will ask but I'll try to stay focus and answer the question and not go astray...and pray for the right words...Oh there up there in the old head but they don't always come out as I would like them just going for it..

Then back home to be normal and clean my studio so I can work on some artwork and great ready for the end of the month and maybe a trip up to drop them off in Wis at the Flying Pig...well see that's plan and you know it's always good to have a back up.


  1. You'll do great a winging a speaking! Always do, down to earth and capturing interest!

  2. Good Luck! Is the reception open to the public?I may be able to attend.

  3. Thank all, yes the reception is this Friday and is free and open to the public.


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