Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Heading to the city today

(Warrior Woman of the Woods, Rock Mama, and Mystery Morning 10 x 30 panels each sold separately at J2 Gallery )

I had a list a mile long yesterday and accomplished all but the Landmines detail in the back yard...(two dogs if you know what I mean.) One of the items on the list to take care of was to call the gallery in the city..J2 Gallery and see if I can bring down the three piece I had started at the beginning of the year.. well guess where I'm headed...Road trip..lucky I live right off of the major express way and it's an easy ride in and out.. I'm excited my mother in law will be taking the trip in with me. She's never seen the gallery so this will be great! Then I must get up to the studio and start on some creating some big sheets of collage papers for the 4 big pieces that I promised to have ready at the end of the month...nothing like a deadline..(love it!!)  so off I go..a bit chilly today but should be good the sun is out and if all goes well a walk would be a bonus. 

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