Friday, March 09, 2012

Friday and pondering some thoughts.

Being bombarded with having to decided if I'm teaching in the fall...Can I stop thinking so far in the future and make choices about it now....? don't know but it's where this gal is at, as of the places that I teach at are asking for fall line ups of classes hard when you finally get a moment to breath and the time comes to have to think about putting a class together...don't get me wrong...just doing a bit a woman whining so many great opportunities that I'm thankful for but I do need to spend some time in my studio so that's what I've been doing this past week. Feels really good to put myself first on the list of things to of Play time in the studio where I can take my ideas and execute them...I finished my other Woman in Nature piece called Rock Mama, bold colors...loving it too.

Rock Mama, 10 x 30 Collage on Gesso board with 2" cradle sides,

I will be taking it soon to get a good photo of it so that if I wanted to get prints I could. I know I showed the other two I completed a while back.  I'm creating companions to go with each of them that are 8 x 10.  these companion pieces can be hung on top or at the bottom..I need to get a move on that today...along with the pieces for the gallery in Wis. 

Well thinking about a class for journal writers...but one that might have a bit of a creative spin to it..
there is so much going on with journaling and combine them with the brain drain of just writing..

This is one of my Creative journals...and I might take a break from the collage class and have some fun and give this a try...The books are created for writing in not some much the art journaling but of course you creative spirit comes out with them...but like I said thinking about it.

I would be using a resale, garage sale or a book sold at the local library for a small fee. and gluing the pages together and then gessoing the page surface and from there you add color and or small stampings and you can write on the pages.  I love to turn the page and see the exciting colors inviting me to spill words out.

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  1. First, love your Rock Mama piece! Art journaling is one of my favorites- for me, the ultimate in self care which I'm trying to do more. Maybe you should consider doing an on line course?


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