Friday, March 16, 2012

framing up and packing up and flagging up

I had to run and get my piece from the artist that gave me hand...when I was out there we chatted about a lot of things...Then I went and purchased 4 -36 x 36 canvas...and did a little food shopping..wanted to pick up a corn beef to put in my slow cooker on Saturday morning before I head off to the workshop...that way dinner will be done...Love it when I can activate that all... well I haven't yet but it's a plan to do that.  I had wanted to get out side and do some yard work but that just didn't work out...I did have some lunch on the back patio which was so great to sit and listen to the sounds and the nice breeze. 

After lunch I went up to the studio and started packing up and getting things prepared for a 3 hour workshop...When I do these I have to do more preparing at home, mainly because they have less time to get things dry... so that is ready...and I just have to haul it down stairs and load it in.  I'll probably do that tonight so I'm ready to go in the morning.

So after that I'm standing in there the studio that is and wonder what's next...Oh right framing up the piece for The Flying I started on that...this is when I like to put a movie in and listen watch it while I frame...I was able to get 6 done but need to finish up the rest this morning..

And this afternoon I'll be meeting with some great people that are giving of their time and we are getting the final stuff ready for the Creative Prayer Flags Project to launch.. means I need to be doing some cutting and sewing soon. One of the gals gave us a hand with the one sheet and sewed them and cut them to size...more details will come out for those that would be interested and can come in and pick them up...By August we will hang them out in the court yard at the LaGrange  Art league and then they can travel to other sources..

Seem in Cloth Paper Scissor issue this month they have them on the front cover and a article too...

well busy busy busy.... I thinking about it what would I do if I wasn't busy..? I think I would feel like I was sick I guess. But I've been putting mini mediations in to practice lately to help me rest and play..

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  1. Ooooh, pretty laundry! I haven't used my sewing machine for anything but mending in far too long.


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