Sunday, March 18, 2012

Addison Collage Workshop March 17th 2012

 Zindy add color to the altered magazine papers.
 Joyce working on her magazine papers.
 Etola ready to do a staining on the gesso kraft papers.
 Carol is caught in the act here of what's next..
 Ronni was my helper and gave me a hand setting up some of the supplies on the table.
 Camille, staining her papers.
 Margaret working with her colors and adding the little be extra to make them unique.
 Irma taping her watercolor paper edges off to begin the collage surface
Tania also taping her watercolor paper off.
 Carol applying the base coat of Polymer Medium to the watercolor paper before any collage will being.
 And Carol cutting the tape off her collage ...see how fast that goes together..


Here are the 10 collages made in a 3 hour workshop.. totally amazing for them to see what they can do.. I laugh in side when I hear I don't know what doing...I reassure them that don't worry I'll walk them through...and truly amazing to see..I did do a lot of preparing of the papers before hand so the the drying time and use of the hair dryers were cut down.. and that helped. You see I like to show them how to make their own papers instead of store bought ones so it really speaks from their creative being.. I think they did a wonderful job and I only went over 10 minutes so I feel I've mastering the 3 hours workshops..not that I was trying to time myself but each time I present them I have to figure that in along with all the other process. I've done this 3 hours workshop now 3 times...feeling pretty good about the set up and process.

Now if I can get out side early...I've got some plans for the back yard before rain hits.. after the workshop I was able to haul up all the supplies back into the studio put them away and have a nice lunch and then work out in the front yard in the flower beds...You see the husband chops the leave and then blows them in the flower beds which is great for the winter time and now I put them out and bag them up and do some digging around the and turn over the dirt and turn in some of the leaves.. saw a lot of worms..good for the ground.

I would like to tend to my area where the paper making tent goes up and set it up today...lot of work. but its doable.

Off to bust a move on the day..

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  1. They're beautiful! Wonderful feeling of accomplishment.


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