Monday, February 13, 2012

A woman that does to much....

I realized I don't know how to not do...I'm always doing..not that it bad but it's hard to just sit and not doing something especially if the hand can't be busy.  I remember having those "talks with the parents" when I would go astray and they needed to reel me know those years 14-18 and I would sit a the table and they would voice  their concerns and I would some how have paper around be it a paper napkin or what ever...I ended up tearing it folding it into something.

So what was I stating..Oh that's right a woman that does to much..this morning I'm heading out to my Book club meeting..which I'm enjoying greatly..sitting with other creative types and we discuss a great book..."Creative is a Verb"  we already did Life is a Verb by Patti Digh...It's amazing what the topic brings up and how it really helps get a bright view on things..

And then I be dropping of a workshop proposal to South Bend Art Museum...thinking about it I've not heard back from Freeport Museum in Freeport IL...well I know theirs setting up an exhibit with the Midwest Collage Society for August -November...waiting to hear that's all.

It feels good to get into a piece of my own I'm working on a series, women and nature and I've had to put it aside for a bit...had to get the classes and paper work of Taxes taken care of.

I feel good about there all this is headed...I want to finish this one up and get it photographed and send it into J2 Gallery for approval as to see if I can switch out work and put these three smaller piece in..Right now I have one big piece in there..

Well best be getting going...tomorrow is Valentines Day and I've got to get something for my young adults...Hoping to make some cards tomorrow for the clan here but will see. It's a plan.


  1. South Bend, as in South Bend Indiana??? That's only 1 1/2 hrs from me! (so I hope you get in it!)
    I have never been able to sit without doing something, which makes all this slow time especially difficult for me.
    I have not learned to slow down or keep my hands resting.
    They seem to require *busy* to be happy.
    And that's okay too! :-)


  2. I know that feeling too; like when you are out with people who are not interested in being creative - you don't know what to do with yourself! :(

  3. hear you both...


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