Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Recap from Valentines Day-Naperville Art League

 Lori table...creating some paper back ground to work up into with more papers and image transfers.
 Geri deciding which papers she wants to use. She's got a good background going and one and the other has collage paper ready to tack down.

Martha and Peggy sitting together at the table here...working on there backgrounds.
 Gwen has decided to create some smaller Valentine piece of art work instead of cards.
 Re has some ideas she is carring out.
 her are Peggys image transfers and papers drying on the floor..
 Eileen has decided to work on some regular art today instead of making Valentine cards. 
 Anne neede a different view for her work as of it was larger then what others were working on and she could step back and take a good look at things, so use of the floor was needed. The papers she has in her work she has printed in the class, great to see them used.
Couldn't resist this photo opportunity..Lori was on a roll with her papers. As ususally in the classes or workshops I teach, one table is not enough...we always need the space for the papers we make to dry.

This was our last class together at Naperville for this session, Printing and Collage.  Our last class end yesterday which happened to be St. Valentines Day and with the last class I usually have a small celebration of sorts and it ended up being a wonderful luncheon and creative classes time that was hard to leave...we joked as some people had to leave a bit earlier they had the stuff packed and out with one load came back in and had to still share and talk...we just didn't want it to end... good feelings with the little holiday was a wonderful inspiration for the day and end of the class.

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