Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last section of Week 11-Part 1

Well a snow storm is expected to be coming in this evening and through the night...the birds at the feeder seem to know it as they are balking up big time.

My bags are packed or lets say tubs are packed and I'll be handling a few little details today...I'm presenting a two day workshop at the Mainstreet Art Center in Lake Zurich and it's aways exciting to present them.

So keeping a ritual routine thing going on I will be posting part one of the last section of Week 11, its good and kind of long.

Getting back on the Horse
We are intended to make something of ourselves. When we feel supported by others, this is a festive feeling. There is a sense of community and a sense of shared purpose and humor-like we're the creative equivalent of a quilting bee or a bard raising.  When we are surrounded by support, making something and something of ourselves is easy. It is way Creative retreats are so valued, all of us need support.

Sometimes, we suffer a horrifying creative injury. Our bones may not be broke, but our confidence is.. Well I have to say I just expressed some creative injury with being told I wasn't taking the good networking hits and following up on them...and at this time and back then when it happened I felt that I had a good course of events, jobs and opportunities coming in that I was preparing for and following through for me..

Artists are sensitive animals, and we do get spooked. Certainly, the sensitive horse of our talent gets spooked, and we may get pitched right off it. "I am never trying that again!" We vow. 

There is one and one only cure for a creative injury, and that cure is to make something. If we don't make some small something, our injury yet active imagination will make a even bigger deal out of what happened to us.

If no one else will  pronounce us "artist" then we must say our name to ourselves- and the only way to say it is through art and our art in our life. The bandaid must if the wound. if you paint paint something. if your a poet, write some poetry.

We are intended to make something of ourselves, and sometimes that "making" has to be done with out palpable support.

Some of us go through good times and everything is gold, and then things change for some reason or another and it feels like one dud after another.  No pay off Julia share after three years of work she wrote a novel and it didn't get published..or she wrote a play that won prizes but not productions.

Through it all Julia keep writing a steady daily basis of writing that is.. she shares I kept writing with the tools of creative recovery and even survival for myself and others. I knew from experience that a creative career took Faith..this is where I call it a "trust walk"

Everything - I do mean everything is fuel for the creative fire.

Understanding our growth process, I have to be patience it with and understand as much as anyone else.. that there will be times things come out badly... which I've experienced that before. The creative syntax and confidence shatters syndrome.. I feel it more like cycling tide is in and tide is out kind of deal.  In our culture, there is little understanding of the growth process of an artist...matter fact for any human being I feel. Which is often conducted in a very public arena. Artist need to have some room while they are in this creative flux.

Moving not from beauty straight to beauty but from beauty through something different to more beauty. Few value the "Something different" Stage.

Adversity strengthens our character and can strengthen our art as well. Heck way don't I add Life too.
It creates empathy and compassion for the adversity of others. This deepens our heart and our art. Adversity is educational, and like many educations, it is terribly hard to recover from without help. That help,in human and non human form, as coincidence, as timely call, as "impulse" to do something off your beaten path, is a guidance and support we can rely on-but act on it we must. We are not so much rescued as joined.

Julia shares.. Be called a "battered" period. I had taken a few creative tumbles-most notably around discouragement on my musical work-and I reluctant to get back on the horse. After all, falls hurt, and wasn't I getting a little old for them?

A bit if a story shared...  I met Newland for lunch and found his optimism to be the best thing on the menu. My age? Your just a kid. I've got forty years on you and I'm still working." My discouragement? " let me read that musical of yours. I'll bet it's good. We'll put it on." my worry about my career? You've got another forty years to go, so buck up and let's do something." 

I just love how quickly ones perspective get changes by a good supportive friend or even a stranger in her case as she just meet John Newland..

Well I'll leave part 1 and continue part 2 tomorrow

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