Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Collge Workshop-Mainstreet Art Center

 Here is the main studio section of Mainstreet Art Center...been going strong for 17 years. We had 10 students and Frankie and I..all collaging.
 a peek at Barbara's papers before she came in for day two.
 Here is the back room that we had to travel to when we need to let your papers dry...I shared that this was a workshop and I was going to make them work...and believed me after the first day...They were all excited to come in on Day Two to see all the papers in back with so much color drying.
 I gave them each three 4 x 4 watercolor paper and three image transfer and three different swatches of paper and let them work with a taped edge, not a taped edge and use a gesture line as a exercise to warm up.. They were all such troopers as the follow along.
 A shot of the room now with everyone working.
 better shot of the west side of the studio
 Alice here exploring the use of dinner napkin she brought in on Day Two...I told them they would never look at paper the same again after this workshop and I could see the creative brains rolling with ideas.
 Jill is not wasting any time she's moving to the second piece of watercolor paper...creating some nice work.
 this solo piece is Doug's...but it turned side ways when I posted...funny thing but he's got some great strong bold color and lively action going on..
 some close up for the piece on the back table, I had everyone put there pieces back there so we all could get a good picture.
 Corrinne was having a great time adding to you her piece...she thought it was too busy but when you look at what imagery she put in there it all told a great  story...and love that she explore using the white of the watercolor and pushed that word right out of there.
Here is the back table and from the looks of it all their hard work paid off and they were pretty proud to see it all from where we started. 

Here is Frankies piece...the Mainstreet Director...she did a great job.. it's still a bit wet there so there's a milky look to it till the polymer dries.

I have to say it's truly amazing to me as a collage teacher two witness the creative process, the following of the new steps being taught to the times of a bit of frustration and then seeing the light bulbs go off and full speed ahead through the rest of the creating...a blessing it truly is.

Thanks everyone...your amazing. 


  1. Looks like an awesome workshop!! Hope you enjoyed your time away!

  2. Great work your students did! Glad the numbers were up and inspiration forthcoming!

  3. Looks like it was a super class~~I think I would have enjoyed it very much!
    The work the students did is quite good.
    Congrats on a job well done!


  4. We had such a BLAST! We already ran out to get more supplies to keep creating. Thanks for inspiring us so much!
    Karen & Judy

  5. for someone who loves collage.. All these collage images and papers are manna to my eyes!


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