Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Planning one way and hearing another

Things are in motion already and they were set in motion some about half a year ago and other just recently...all involving my creative time and energy.  Complaining? No...just having some underlined pulls and tugs.  Though on my goal list for the year I think I did put I want to make paper and do book of learn to make hand made know the kind with leather covers...then it fizzles down to low....tone and I got right over it on to the other things on the list.

So in the Artists Way-Walking in this world...Week Four..section two... The Verb "To Be"  is read this morning.

Thinking of Art little Differently is what is suggested. Question to ask yourself...Have I been groomed for a career I didn't want and I was going with the agenda? As a result, my heart was broken and so was my health... A wise older woman who asked, what do you want in life, to be admired or to be happy?

How many times have we put the mask on for pretend, approval and acceptance when all we wanted to do is be happy?

OK got to admit this part confuses me...

"Art" is less about what we could be and more about what we are then we normally acknowledge. When we are fixated on getting better, we miss what it is we already are-and  this is dangerous because we-as we are-are the origin of our art.  "We" are what makes our art original. If we are always striving to be something more and something different, we dilute the power of what is is we actually are. Doing that, we diluted our art....OK now I get it...see I've got to read it write and take each word in..

simple put..."stay in the moment with life, art and your whole being and create from there!" not what other think we should be and where suppose to be in the art field... a Chain reaction can start if one is not aware of this going on...Self-loathing that sets in and says whatever we are, it is not as good, or as beautiful as whatever it is the other has...Oh the dreaded Comparing Character that slips in and sideswipes us...

in the creating mode...and that means all of us as creative beings...We should let ourselves do what comes naturally and easily. So Why don't we...?  We think we have to do the creative sit ups all the time and I mean all the time.  Great artists are actually the greatest amateurs -from the Latin verb Amara, "to love" The have learned to wiggle out of the seriousness of rigid categorization and allow themselves to pursue the Pied Piper of delight.  Picasso was a perfect example...he made great art out of his simple love of found objects. 

If we stop trying to improve ourselves and start trying to delight ourselves, we get further as artists.  if we lean into what we love instead of soldiering towards what we "should", our pace quickens, our energy rises, optimism sets in.  ex: if you wild about Yellow right now for no apparent reason, paint something yellow and call that closet the sun room. Instead of resisting yourself, try finding yourself irresistible. Try out the idea that you might be onto something when you catch sight of it. 

To be an artist Julia shares, "you must learn to let yourself be. Stop getting better. Start appreciating what you are.  Doing something that simply delights you for no apparent reason..

OK being an artists these days there are so many artist coaching sites and free information out there and If you want to get into galleries you have to do this and that and this, and some more of this and that....You've all of sudden gotten so serious with what is going on that you can't help but loss your to be happy...Then if your like me who is always seeking some kind of guidance I read books like this that help remind me to be me and that its OK to go out on an idea and see what happens..example the Make your Mark journal was an idea and I shared the idea and saw it's potential and others did to and joined in and we had a wonderful time working with each other and learned who much fun that was.   Not always am I able to do every whim that comes my way...but it's really good to stray off the path a bit and explore, knowing far well where you headed but by taking a little free spirited ideas and letting yourself be happy it sure does give rise to the work you do in the's all good when you allow yourself  "To Be" for you...not pretending, trying to get approval or ladder jumping status...if you know what I mean...

your to take pen to hand and write 10 times Secretly, I would love to....create a stacking rock garden where one could create at a whim a spiritual moment and or intention to the world and leave it for all to see.

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