Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No photo's

I'm not very happy about so involved in the process and creating that by the time it was to clean up that's when the camera was staring me in the face...dang...upsets me a bit..the Students were printing their hearts out and really turning out some great papers for collaging..

Got some running around to do today...and one of my calendars got lost in the mail...or something so need to resend one..what can you do..bite the bullet and correct what you can and keep moving forward.

I'm hoping to get two piece in to the photographer today so I can get them shot...special deal this need to clear coat the sides and add the hanging material to the back and then it should be ready...

busting the move and before you know's time to think about what's for dinner...loving it all though and living the dream.. very grateful. 

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