Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A few more samples of some of the prayer flags

This is a base of polymer medium, and then blue acrylic brushed on with a spray of water then I laidd a paper towel down and lifted the pigment off with a brayer let dry a bit and then, use a deli sheet and folded in half and brushed on some acrylic and then sprayed with water and pulled out the acrylic with a baby wipe...kind of feathered it..dried with a hair dryer add the rest I can't remember was in the moment...but I do remember put the flag on the sewing machine and add the extra over the dark blue and letting the end strains hang.I used a plastic charge card and gum eraser stamp I made for art journaling...
 This Prayer flag I purposely left plainer for the ones that like the simpler side of things.  I've already used one of my linoleum plates from a class I took over a year ago and printed on it and then I wrote over it with some inspirational quotes. 

I used Fiber paste as a base for this by Golden Mediums and let that dry..then I did a glazing with acrylics and sprayed some water on it and blotted with paper towel and then subtract more pigment off with a baby wipe..hard to see now as then I layered the coffee ground filter paper and some stained tissue papers and painted sheet music and tacked it down to the surface with the tack iron..all the paper have a layer of polymer medium and the background did too.  Then I had some fun just stitching with the sewing machine...My Aldi's special...I also added another layer of polymer so I could put on two image transfers..the daisy and the words. The ribbon came from a friend of mine on her package she gave everything and for a good reason too.

Ideas were flowing but I had no more white sheet prayer flags left...going to have to sew more but will have to wait on that.. Now to get a picture of them all together or a nice one with a some string through the flap on top.  


  1. Love them all! Great job! So glad the flags have inspired you to grow further with them.

  2. Your flags look great, such diversity. That is a good way to use a credit card too!

  3. Thanks ladies, I needed to show the diversity so that it might speak to more people then just mixed media...


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