Sunday, January 22, 2012

Different topic-Unity...

Unity-condition of being one: the state or condition of being one
  1. combination into one: the combining or joining of separate things or entities to form one
  2. something whole: something whole or complete formed by combining or joining separate things or entities
Been looking in to the Whole family unit things and where our family is stepping back and looking at it as whole...and the changes it's gone through and still will go's like it's got a live of it's own..Family that is...with all this once little beings running around clinging to my legs and now past the driver's ed and filling out college papers, which I never did with them they did on there own...stressful as it is I was a pile of jumble words when I read it...Well anyways I won't go into my dyslexia issues, so back to Family and the the word Unity...  with young adults all over 20 still living in the homestead...I'm not complaining one bit...we're doing it but the changes is always upon us as each individual person makes a choice for themselves little do we realize how it all effects us as a unity...Of course it would be very different if they moved out of the homestead and started their own little unity thing with themselves and other human beings. For now though we are adjusting to the every changing unity...and some days are less united then others.  I'm way pass the stage now where I can put my mothering big thumb down and spin the world on them... I am learning about respecting the individual young people living under the roof which is something we all are learning..but I do still have a bit of pull in this picture...As is stated in some quote "If Moma isn't happy their isn't going to be anyone that is happy"  with that said...the mother and father roles do set the president or principle for the family as a early on I worked at keeping my attitude as happy as I could be and it is so true how it effect the family. Now with our growth and unity a bit shaky I look at the changes I can make that if I do that in myself it will have effects on the rest of the Unity...

So this is where I ask myself about my thoughts on What is the Common Welfare of my family unit I see in my eyes right now.

1. we are a source of support
2. a listening ear
3. help in fixing other problems or guiding each other on how
4. a source of love
5. communications
6. respect
7. security
8. acceptance
9. trust
10. survival
11. friendship
12. connection

I'm sure there are more but when I think about this and in no certain order and make them the words and there meaning more present in my day and interaction with them I've just started a chain reaction to things..I'm not all important but if I have a changed attitude with how I'm thinking towards each and every family member their is bound to be some good results.  Now mind you our family unit isn't falling apart...not by far but with the changes that are being made on individual bases it effects these core elements to what I feel is the common welfare of our unity as a family.  Why am I sharing got me it just where I'm at in my thinking lately...and then I ask myself why not? why not look at this.
OK time to look at the Sunday paper and easy into the day and the demo I'm presenting later.


  1. We have 2 adult children at home as well, it is a lovely balancing act, but wonderful they are still so close and we can make it work most of the time now, knowing we are all adults.

  2. A lot more families are having to deal with that then before with the elders and the young adults. thanks for you comment.


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