Monday, January 09, 2012

Another book..what's that all about..?

Call me crazy but I'm loving the excitement of all the good information and introspective work I'm gaining from the reading...though it takes me a while, maybe that's why I jump around in so many books.  Well... I take the good orderly direction as it's what I need to read in the morning before the family really get stirring and I lose all grip of my quiet time...

No regrets or no feelings like I'm doing it wrong...that's just plan silly..I'm doing it... that's what is most I told my oldest daughter...I'm reading like 4 different books and she responded with ...So....and that's right So what if I'm doing that. No one else lives up there in my head of understanding but me so really does it matter?  I'm getting some thing out of it and I'm liking it.

Today I meet with my book club...and we Start..Creative as a Verb and it's has all great stuff in it for the place that I'm at in my life.. so with that I'm going to get going and I've got hit the post office..not literally but swing by and drop a package off for my cousin...Late Christmas present, had to wait till it came in though..and then Tack Down Tuesday and dinner with my mother in law tonight...Hoping too to pack in a walk...where did 4 more hours go?  just so dang excited about life today and that I have this day to enjoy...


  1. As a four-book-at-a-time reader myself, I just had to order the one your book club is beginning: "Creative is a Verb." Thank you (yet again) for your inspiration and gusto and "realness."

  2. "just so dang excited about life today"
    Holy Crap! I felt good just reading that line! Awesome.
    Yup. I'm with Carol. Have at least four going at once. ADD? And now I must also go check out "Creative is a Verb" although I will hit up my local library for mine. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Oh when you share you find out your not alone...kind of a challenge to gather the information and soak it in...and I don't have to answer to no one about how I do it..the point it "I am doing it" not just talking about it.. right...and is sounds like you are too. as we merrily go a long.


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