Saturday, December 31, 2011

Working on some images for transfers

Been playing around in the studio...which by the way is a fast it gets that way...especially as I'm sampling things for class preparing and setting up the agenda...but I was looking for some old fashion magazines and I saw these images and I've altered them by sanding faces, cutting off arms and adding some smudge effect to it...or the urban grunge distressed look.  My favorite one is the first one with the woman in the leaning position and I added the long curly hair to her...I've got a 10 x 30 Clay board taped 2" sides with polymer on it and some papers picked out  doing the green thing as of colors. I would like to start bring the different voices together...Well I was suppose to be preparing for my other class today but got sidetracked in a good way.. with all the introspective work I've been doing some good rich emotion is stirring too.

Now this is just in my sketchbook of samples for class in the very beginning stages of mixing the acrylics with plastic wrap and then finding the flow be it ridged or organic.  This is also the place where you can find a place of interest. 


  1. love this method that you taught me! That was the background for my Christmas card too!

  2. Cool April...nothing we all haven't done before just a different approach in a series of actions and look what one can do...
    loved you card too.

  3. Love the way you work Laura.


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